The small home ranges and large local ecological .

    Owners reported that their pets killed an average of 3.5 prey items/month, leading to an estimated ecological impact per of 14.2‐38.9 prey ha −1 yr −1. This is similar or higher than the per‐animal ecological impact of wild carnivores but the effect is amplified by the high density of cats in neighborhoods. As a result, pet cats around the world have an ecological impact greater ...

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    Considering Ecological Processes in Environmental Impact ...

    Evaluating Mining Impacts, Evaluating Grazing Impacts, and Evaluation of Ecological Impacts from Highway Development. It is consistent with the approach to environmental impact assessment described in the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) report, Incorporating Biodiversity Considerations Into Environmental Impact Analysis Under the National Environmental Policy Act. It is anticipated that ...

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    Fishes of Moreton Bay: Ecology, human impacts, .

    Fishes of Moreton Bay: Ecology, human impacts, and conservation Andrew D. Olds 1, Ben L. Gilby 1, Rod M. Connolly 2, Ian R. Tibbetts 3, Christopher J. Henderson 1, Tim Stevens 2, Sarah K. Thackwray 1, and Thomas A. Schlacher 1; Next paper Marine turtles in Moreton Bay Colin J. Limpus 1, Owen I. Coffee 2; Download as PDF . Search this Paper Search all Books and Papers Search. Search. Fishes of ...

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    Ecological Impact Award | Ecological Society of .

    Identified measurable ecological impacts and/or outcomes. Outline how you intend to promote your research outcomes to practitioners, stakeholders and the broader community. Show how the project has contributed or has the potential to contribute to broader outcomes in enhancing the scale and/or quality of larger scale conservation efforts. Prize: Plenary as part of the Practitioner Engagement ...

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    (PDF) The physical and environmental impacts of .

    Ecology Letters (2011) 14: 702–708 Biological invasions cause ecological and economic impacts across the globe. However, it is unclear whether there are strong patterns in terms of their major ...

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    Yucca plant | Ecological impacts and historical .

    02.08.2020 · The California yucca is a fascinating plant found in coastal sage scrub and chaparral ecosystem. Join us as we look at its impact through an ecological as well .

    Autor: PoppyTalks
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    June 2020 Regional Climate Impacts and .

    26.06.2020 · NOAA and its partners have released the latest Regional Climate Impacts and Outlooks, which recap spring conditions and provide insight into what might be expected this summer.. Spring Temperature Recap. Above- to much-above-average temperatures were observed March through May from the West Coast to the Deep South, across the Southeast and into New England and the Great .

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    Socioecological Determinants of Drought .

    01.05.2019 · We tested the direct and moderating roles of the drought hazard and the social-ecological context on drought impacts and response. This study was conducted with ranchers in western and central South Dakota and Nebraska following the drought that began in 2012. We surveyed ranchers regarding the effects of the drought and their responses and used multimodel analysis to explore the .

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    Sand mining: ecological impact on environment .

    Sand mining: ecological impact on environment and physical impact on community. Category: Environment; Subcategory: Ecology, Environment problems; Topic: Pollution; Pages: 1; Words: 414; Published: 03 December 2018; Downloads: 21; Print Download now. Pssst. we can write an original essay just for you. Any subject. Any type of essay. We'll even meet a 3-hour deadline. Get your price. .

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    Ecological grief as a mental health response to .

    03.04.2018 · Windle, P. The ecology of grief. BioScience 42, 363–366 (1992). A profound personal meditiation on the significance of mourning for ecological losses from the perspective of a professional ...

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    Environmental Impacts of Sand Exploitation. Analysis of ...

    Sustainability 2017, 9, 1118 3 of 26 Section "Sand Mining and the Environment" will present major environmental impacts and consequences of sand exploitation based on the analysis of existing ...

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    Lagoons : habitat and species, human impacts .

    Get this from a library! Lagoons : habitat and species, human impacts and ecological effects. [Mwinyikione Mwinyihija;]

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    Antifouling strategies: History and regulation, .

    This review synthesises existing information regarding the ecological impact of biocides in a wide range of organisms and highlights directions for the management of antifouling paints. We focus particularly on representatives of the recent past (copper and tributyltin) and present (copper and 'booster') biocides. We identify knowledge gaps in antifouling research and provide ...

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    reduce and compensate negative ecological impacts and their effects, and the provision of ecological enhancements. Monitoring impacts and their effects. Evaluation of the success of proposed mitigation, compensation and enhancement measures. Chapter 7 – Implications for decision making. Consideration of the legal and policy framework throughout the EcIA process. Box 1: Environmental Impact ...

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    Impacts and responses to environmental change .

    01.10.2018 · The main impacts and changes affecting non aquatic based livelihoods identified by the villagers are the availability of potable water; the shortage of cooking fuel; and the gender biased wage. Almost all the coastal s have a long way to go to ensure the minimal quantity of drinking water for the family members, that is often the duty of the females. Some of the families are ...

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    Fishing impacts and the degradation or loss of .

    Fishing impacts and the degradation or loss of habitat structure. S. J. Turner. Corresponding Author. and present address: S. J. Turner, Department of Conservation, Northern Regional Office, PO Box 112, Hamilton, New Zealand (e‐mail: [email protected]). Search for more papers by this author. S. F. Thrush. National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, Hamilton, New Zealand. Search for ...

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    The Society for Conservation Biology

    The literature suggests that perceptions of ecological effectiveness, social impacts, and good governance will influence levels of local support for conservation. This paper examines these relationships using data from a survey of small‐scale fishermen in 11 marine protected areas from six countries in the Mediterranean Sea. The survey queried small‐scale fishermen regarding perceptions ...

    Cited by: 23
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    The environmental impacts and the carbon .

    01.12.2019 · However, the advantages of biodiesel over traditional fossil-based diesel are still debated and are generally limited to climate change impacts and fossil fuel consumptions (Vedel Hjuler and Balle Hansen, 2017); whilst the benefits of using electricity, especially for climate change, depends on the degree of "decarbonisation" of the grid mix (Menberg et al., 2016).

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    NASA Probes Environment, COVID-19 Impacts, .

    Scientists are using information from NASA's Earth-observing satellites, on-the-ground sensors and computer-based datasets to study the environmental, economic and .

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    Climate Change, Human Impacts, and Coastal .

    07.10.2019 · Coastal zones, the world's most densely populated areas, are increasingly threatened by global climate change .Contemporary climate change is largely recognized as an anthropogenic phenomenon that began and is sustained by human industrial activities that produce enormous amounts of greenhouse gas (e.g., CO 2 and methane) emissions. . Rising atmospheric greenhouse gas .

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    Environmental Impacts and Spillovers

    The visualization tool is based on research done by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (with support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)) and the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy (with support of Ida and Robert Gordon Family Foundation and Marshall Ruben and Carolyn Greenspan).

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